Summers in AB are definitely one of my favorite times of the year? daylight till 11, bonfires, BBQ’S, hanging out at the lake…fun times with friends and family.

Camping is such a great way to get away, relax, and enjoy life! Now doing it with well rested children makes the experience even better?Here’s a few tips to help your little ones sleep well while away camping!

*Try and block out as much light as possible from coming inside your tent or camper. The darkness encourages melatonin production, therefore helps your little ones with falling asleep and encourages staying asleep.

*If your little one sleep in his own room at home and your situation allows for it, try to give him his own space to block out distractions. You can get creative here! Bed sheets make great dividers ?

*Don’t forget to bring along your child’s favorite lovey or blanket! Having these items provides them with comfort at night. A huge help especially when sleeping somewhere different.

*Even if your child sleeps well at home, getting him accustomed to a different sleep environment is likely to be met with protest. As always, remain consistent! Within a couple days, things should go much more smoothly

*Honor your little ones sleep needs! Sure the odd nap on the go or in the stroller isn’t the end of the world. However if this happens multiple days in a row, your child is bound to get overtired and be more likely to fight going to sleep. Try having naps and bedtime at the same times as you would at home. Working with their circadian rythms helps prevent overtiredness and enables them to fall asleep much easier.

And last but not least..

*Allow for a bit of down time before bed. I mean.. does anyone really enjoy leaving a good party in the middle of it to go straight to bed?

???Happy Canada Day weekend!!???