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Isabelle Wiebe, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, has given the gift of sleep to many families all over North America. Read their success stories to see how working with a sleep consultant has impacted some of them!




We are the parents of now 9 month old Aria, the one that wouldn’t sleep thru the night at all. Lack of sleep was showing up in everybody. We heard about Isabelle becoming a sleep consultant and didn’t hesitate to contact her. She walked us thru the process and it works.
Aria now sleeps right around 11 hours at night and goes for her regular naps. Overall she is a much happier baby, and so are we as parents. Thanks Isabelle!!
Melissa & Will

Melville, SK

This is one of those things that if and when it works.. you feel like you have literally hit the jackpot!! Sleepless nights with kids is one of the worst forms of torture (both for child and parents) in my opinion. Our middle child (Kendall 2 1/2yrs old) was always known for her incredible ambition to sleep. From day 1 home from the hospital, she adapted to a sleep schedule almost all by herself.. piece of cake – right?! Well….. a little while ago, we started noticing she was waking in the night with the worst night terrors 🙁 At first we chalked it up to maybe TV too close to bed time, something she ate, behaviors in other kids at daycare. After about 2-3 weeks of this going on EVERY night.. I stumbled across this page on Facebook and reached out to Isabelle for some input. We had NO idea what we were up against, and not having dealt with anything like this before, we had NO idea where to start. We had been working to improve the things “we thought” were causing the night terrors but nothing was working. Within the very first consultation with Tiny Leaps Big Changes Sleep Consulting, we felt a huge relief! Isabelle dove right in and knew just why we were maybe seeing these new sleep issues. I won’t lie.. I was skeptical. I honestly didn’t think this was going to be an easy fix but we were all so exhausted… we knew we needed help and fast! With the suggestions to change up our existing routine some, we quickly implemented them and with in ONE WEEK we had a peaceful sleeping beauty again – JUST LIKE THAT!!!! I am so excited to share that we have been following Isabelle’s recommendations and for the past month since we first reached out… have had NO MORE NIGHT TERRORS!! To be honest.. we even have wayyy less emotional moments or tantrums throughout the day too!! We are VERY grateful for your help Isabelle! You are our angel and we will for sure be 110% recommending Tiny Leaps Big Changes Sleep Consulting to any and everyone!! Great work!!


Moncton, NB

When my daughter was around 9 months old, she started waking up at the night (usually 2 sometimes 3 times).  My whole family was exhausted. I thought this was just the life of having a baby!

During this time Isabelle was having the same sort of issues with her daughter, so she thankfully came across the Sleep Sense Program. It took about 5 days to get her on track to a good sleeping routine but it worked! She was sleeping through the night every night for 12 hours straight!

Now that she is almost 20 months old a few things have changed routine wise. I’m back to work and she is going to a day home. I also work shift work so it makes it a bit more challenging. So as a result, my daughter started to cry…ok I mean scream before bed. She would still sleep through the night, but it was like pulling teeth listening to her being put to bed.  Thankfully, Isabelle was at my house a few weeks ago when I laid her down for her nap. She reminded me of what I may be forgetting. Sure enough within a few days again I had my baby back! She doesn’t make a peep before going to bed now. She even gives my husband and I a kiss and hug first before she drifts off to sleep for 12 hours straight every night!

Sorry this is long but I just wanted to reassure those moms that may have given up that it does work a second time around!!

Amanda & Charley Bowman

Grande Prairie, AB

We couldn’t get our baby to sleep a full night, and couldn’t understand why he was always waking up crying for the last 6 months. We were so exhausted and decided to get some help.

Isabelle was excellent to help us, as my wife only speaks French. Her and I graduated together at a francophone high school so it made the communication with my wife and I easier. She gave us confidence with her explanation of how our baby had simply forgotten how sleep independently. We felt comfortable with the plan she put in place for us, and found comfort in doing the entire process with her guidance at our own pace. Isabelle understood exactly what our challenges were, and gave us the right tools to help our son sleep peacefully through the night. She was excellent at delivering the help needed to follow the plan, and we had confidence with her experience.

The experience as a whole had a very positive impact on our entire family. We are all getting more sleep and much happier!  We may even start thinking about expanding our family!

We thank you so much for this learning curve in our young parent life!

Marc, Melanie & Mathias

Montreal, QC

I cannot tell you how amazing it is to sleep all night again. Lack of sleep is just something I thought was normal for a parent. It’s so amazing to realize that is not true! I can’t believe how well Brantley is sleeping and how quickly it worked! What you told me seemed so simple, but it was so effective and I only regret not doing it sooner. Thank you so much for all your help!

Sarah B

La Glace, AB

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