Transitioning from a crib to a bed…is it time to make the switch? ?

A very common obstacle that parents face is how to manage the transition from a crib to a bed! There really is no set time that you should get rid of your child’s crib and switch to a bed. Most children make the move sometime between 1.5 and 3.5 yrs old. My recommendation is to wait as long as you can, preferably closer to 3. Why? I have a few reasons.⬇

➡Many children are not developmentally ready until they are closer to 3 years of age. A bed requires that children understand that there are imaginary boundaries that they must stay within. This understanding requires a high level of cognitive development. Waiting can help make the transition much smoother, as the child will then be more capable of understanding the boundaries that come with the change.

➡Second, a crib is a very safe place for a busy toddler to be! Giving a very young child the freedom to wander about in his room, or the house at 2am when everyone else is asleep can be unsafe.

➡Third, for many children their crib is their special place. A change to a bed may seem like a step fwd to you, but for a young child it may be the opposite. This change can result in a great sleeper becoming a poor sleeper if the move is made too early.

A common reason for the change is when another baby is on the way, and parents are wanting to use the same crib for baby # 2. Although I do understand the reasoning behind this, be cautious, as this can very well result in 2 little ones not sleeping well instead of just 1!? Keeping your newborn in a bassinet, or pack-n-play for the first few weeks/months can help gain you some time. Taking away a young toddler’s “safe place” (his crib), giving him more freedom than he really knows what to do with, combined with now having to share his favorite person (You!) with a new sibling can make for a pretty tough transition for everyone involved!

Another very common reason for the change is when a child tries or successfully climbs out of the crib.
Putting him in a proper bed does take away the worry about him getting hurt, but it does mean he’ll be able to move about freely during the night if he wants. Assess the situation as a whole before making the switch. Is your child ready? If you’re not quite sure, there are a few things that can be done before choosing to go ahead with the big move.

*Most cribs have a tall and a low side. Turning the crib around to have the low side against the wall is one way to possibly avoid the change.

*Lower the mattress if it’s not already at its lowest position.

*Empty the crib! Your child may be using toys or crib bumpers as levers to help him get out.

*Don’t make jumping out worth his while! If your child jumps out of his crib and you react by giving him lots of attention or letting him get in bed with you, he’ll keep doing it. Instead, stay calm and neutral, firmly tell him not to climb out, and put him right back in his crib. He’ll get the idea pretty quickly. If you’re afraid he may hurt himself, you could place pillows or padding on the floor and surrounding furniture that could possibly cause an injury.

If sleep is becoming increasingly difficult for your family, I can help bring thing back to normal within just a few short weeks! The first step is to schedule your free no obligation 15 min. evaluation call with me at This gives us a chance to talk about your specific situation, and discuss what options you have, to get your entire family a more peaceful night’s sleep!