Did you know that sleep problems occurring in infancy often persist for 3-5 years?? That’s a very LONG time to go without sleep!!! My mission is to let parents know it does NOT have to be this way! Sleep isn’t something you have to sacrifice just because you decided to become a parent ? ?

***Sleeping through the night is not a developmental milestone…it’s a learned skill***

In my eyes, a good night’s sleep is right up there with food as a necessity of life. Especially in infants and children as they grow and develop so fast! I’m sure we would all agree that their little bodies NEED food to grow right? Well their little brains also NEED uninterrupted night time sleep to ensure healthy development!

Junk food is bad for the body, junk sleep is bad for the brain!

When our children don’t eat well, we go to every extent to try and get them the healthy diet they need. So why is it that when they don’t sleep well, we’re willing to accept that they just aren’t sleeping well? In today’s society I believe parents (myself included when I first became a mom) just go with the popular belief that babies aren’t meant to sleep well. Well they CAN and definitely will if we teach them how! Babies are biologically old enough to start sleeping through the night as early as 10-12 weeks old 🙂With a little guidance from mom & dad they can be well on their way to becoming great sleepers, and drop nighttime feeds on their own. Sleeping well is a skill that will also stay with them throughout their childhood years! A big reason why I think it’s THE best gift you could possibly ever give your child ??

As a pediatric sleep consultant, I help parents by giving them the tools they need to make this happen. The best way to find out if I can help you and your child is to simply give me a call! Book your FREE 15 min call with me today at https://www.timetrade.com/book/WBVGH This gives us a chance to talk about your specific situation and how I can guide you and your family to a night of peaceful rest!