If your baby has just recently learned how to sleep through the night, early morning wake-ups are definitely not uncommon! But don’t worry…this actually is “just a phase” and it will pass? Chances are your baby is willing and able to sleep longer in the mornings!

Here’s a few simple tricks you can use to stretch out that sleep and let both of you get up at a more reasonable hour.

*Block out ALL outside light from coming into the room. You can be creative here, it doesnt have to be pretty! Daylight plays a huge role in cueing our bodies that it’s time to wake up! Which is why early morning wake-ups also tend to start happening in the summer months ? As adults we can look at the clock and realize it’s not time to wake up…young children don’t necessarily have that understanding. Especially after sleeping a nice long 8-10 hr stretch already!

*Morning sleep is also very light (REM sleep). Our bodies start producing cortisol hormones, to help prepare waking up for the day. When a child is just learning to sleep well, keeping the noise down between 4-7am is very helpful. No I’m not saying you’ll have to tippy toe around the house forever! But if you would like to help regulate your little ones body clock to sleep to a more reasonable hour, this is important.

*Dogs barking, traffic noise or even just the furnace kicking in can be just enough to cause a wake-up. White noise can be very helpful in blocking out these disturbances.

*Last but not least, pick a minimum awake time and stick to it. With consistancy and practice your baby will learn to sleep till that time within a few weeks!

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